Board of EDSA 2019/2020 Inauguration

May 20, 2019, oleh: superadmin
Board of EDSA 2019/2020 Inauguration (doc. Berli)
The inauguration of English Department Students Association (EDSA) 2019/2020 was held on Saturday, 18th of May 2019 at Amphiteather E6 K.H Ibrahim, Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).
The inauguration was attended by Indah Puspawati, M.A, the secretary of English Language Education Department (ELED), Puthut Ardhianto, M.Pd the supervisor of EDSA, and several invited guests from others organization in Language Education Faculty (FPB) UMY.
Indah Puspawati opened the agenda as well as read the decree which inaugurated 50 members of EDSA board for one period ahead (2019/2020). After each member mentioned their own name and position, 50 members of EDSA altogether swore an oath that they would give their best contribution for ELED UMY through EDSA.
Puthut Ardhianto, EDSA’s supervisor conveyed his message, “We from ELED expect that EDSA can synergize with us to succeed the existing programs, both academic and non-academic. We also hope that EDSA board can support ELED students through EDSA as the main door to their aspirations. Later, not only EDSA who will show their active participations, but all ELED students must, too. Prioritizing good cooperation, establishing collaboration with other organizations, both inside the campus and outside. Gaining many awards will be obtained. Keeping the spirit for EDSA. Make us proud of you”.
This inauguration showed new main board of EDSA 2019/2020, they are : Sibakhul Milad M.H as the Chief, then Graciella Indrawari S as the vice chief, Larasati Ramadhani as the General Secretary, Ainun Diaz as the Secretary 1, Berliana Dyah A.A as the General Treasurer, and Jauza Nabila as the Treasurer 1.
“This is our journey. During this journey we will find many bitters and sweets, so we have to prepare our journey well. Just face it together, hopefully we can make our Prodi to be better and great. There is a will, there is a way.” said Milad, as the newly elected chief of EDSA.
Let’s grab the world, with EDSA!