Aisyah Mumary Songbatumis (2013), a PBI UMY alumna, Studies in Three European Countries

August 20, 2019, oleh: superadmin
Aisyah enjoyed her first winter. (doc. Aisyah)
Aisyah Mumary Songbatumis (2013), an alumna of English Language Education Department Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, is an awardee of Erasmus scholarship + G2G Internship Scheme. Born in Sumbawa, her journey of obtaining a scholarship grant has been full of ups and downs. Before finally securing her place for Erasmus, she had been rejected by several scholarship such us Chevening, AAS, Fullbright, LPDP and others. However, all of her struggles were paid off when she passed the final selection of two scholarships at once, rasmus + G2G Internship program and LPDP. Noting this achievement, Aisyah mentioned, “I preferred to take Erasmus scholarship because it offers chances for me to study in several countries in Europe. Additionally, the program that I took for this scholarship is international relations, which is different from undergraduate degree. Therefore, my chance to have international relations for a career will be wide open.”
In getting the Erasmus scholarship, Aisyah had made a meticulous preparation. She spent three months to prepare for IELTS. Additionally, there are several steps to get this scholarship. The first step is to prepare IELTS and other requirements. After passing, the next step, which is the interview test. After that, she must take a pre-departure training. Aisyah began her study in October 2018 in Vistula University, Warsaw, Poland. The next semester, she moved to Tartu, Estonia, to commence her second semester. Now she is entering semester three and her class will begin in October in Hannover, Germany. During her summer break, she experienced an internship at Vision Factory, Barcelona Spain. At last, she will go back to Warsaw to start her final semester.
Aisyah hopes to all of PBI UMY’s students to always believe, believe that they will get their dreams because nothing is impossible. She said, “Just believe it, I failed five times to get a scholarship, but Alhamdulillah I got it at last minute, so keep trying and believing you can get that”. Besides, she also said to prepare anything for a scholarship as well as we can and as early as we can, so your dream will come true. Last, actually there a lot of scholarship that have not known by students. She said “Here, I have a lot of friend that receives scholarships from several instances even I have not heard before”. For Aisyah, a scholarship is not only a present, but it’s also a responsibilities toward our nation and country.
Keep up the good job, Aisyah, PBI UMY is proud of you!