PBI UMY Held Public Hearing

Mei 15, 2018 oleh : admin
On Monday, May 14th 2018, PBI held the annual public hearing. Representatives of each class as well as some lecturers attended the event. As the representative of their classmates, students communicated their concerns and opinions on the department. These include their views on the academic conduct, organisational activities, classroom teaching & learning process and any other issues that they would like to address.

Public hearing held by PBI UMY (dok. Puput)

In two hours, students shared their opinions, and questions. The head and secretary of the department, Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D. and Indah Puspawati, M. A., on behalf of the department, responded students’ concern and questions. Additionally, they would also forward the result of the hearing to the lecturers of ELED. It is to ensure that all of the lecturers in the department are well informed about students’ concern and can address the issues which are relevant to them. Additionally, this follow up is hoped to be able to enforce positive changes in the department.

One of the attendees, Heri Riskianto (2015), commented, “This is my second time joining Public Hearing, held by the department. This forum can be a place where students can share their opinion and feedback about the facilities, faculty members and basically everything. I hope that this hearing can bring about changes towards the betterment of the department.” The head of the department, Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D., shared her hopes, “I do appreciate that students were enthusiastically sharing their opinions and ideas for the department. After this, we will share students’ feedback with other teachers. This hopefully will make us better teachers in the future.”