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I find PBI UMY a very caring and encouraging environment. The teachers are professional and helpful in assisting students’ academic and personal development. Furthermore, PBI UMY favors both dynamic and hands-on experiences. Students are provided with various opportunities, such as internship, research and related conferences which have been proven to support and facilitate students’ future career. Finally, the best things about being a student here are the teachers’ continuous guidance and students’ numerous activities; both aspects that have brought me to this point in my life. PBI UMY helps me grab the world!

Aisyah Mumary Songbatumis
Student of Master of International Relations, Vistula University
Awardee of Erasmus+ Grant Internship and WNT Scholarship


PBI UMY values Academic, Professional, and Personal development. At PBI UMY, I met lecturers, friends, and experts who are avid in teaching and research and encourage me to become a good scholar. However, the most unforgotten that PBI UMY opens our mind to harness the academic, economic, and social opportunities. Banyak teman-teman sudah jadi orang hebat setelah lulus dari PBI.

Abdul Rasyid Ghazali

Graduate of Master of Research and Innovation in Higher Education, University of Tampere

Erasmus Mundus Grantee


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