Vision, Mission, and Goals

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Vision of UMY

To become a great university in the development of education and technology with Islamic values for public service.

Mission of UMY

  • Increase human dignity in solidifying the values of humanity and civilization;
  • Act as the development center of Muhammadiyah;
  • Support the development of Yogyakarta as a region that values cultural diversity;
  • Organize professional educational, research, and public development events;
  • Develop students to have good morale, insight, and ability in education and technology.


To create a muslim graduate with good morale, ability, and confidence who is able to develop education and technology for the people, nation, and humanity.

Language Education Faculty

Vision of LEF

Towards a modern, professional, characterized, with international insight Faculty of Education with Islamic values as its based for the people benefit.

Mission of LEF

  1. increase human dignity to reinforce humanity and civilization values
  2. administer professional education, research and community service
  3. develop students to be noble and insightful graduates with board competence in science and technology
  4. implement updated learning method by developing techniques, methodelogy, and creative learning approach
  5. develop all teaching and learning field

Goals of LEF

Producing professional teachers with pedagogy, personal, social and professional competencies who are capable to develop science and technology, and beneficial for the nation and humanity.

English Language Education Department

Vision of ELED

Towards an internationally renowned English Education Department Program that focuses on educational, scientific, and devotional activities with Islamic values to the people of Indonesia by 2021.

Mission of ELED

To organize and develop an international Higher Education Tri Darma by performing:

  • Education and Teaching process which prepares the students with English Education skills and soft skills appropriate with higher education curriculum.
  • Research and Community Service relevant with the pubic’s needs.

Goals of ELED

English Language Education Department wishes to create graduates who:

  • Master the necessary knowledge, general and special skills, as well as opinions that include English educational knowledge, teaching and research, and additional competency that include entrepreneurship, information technology, and softskill mastery with Islamic values.
  • Can apply the necessary skills and knowledge for the advancement of the people and the nation.
  • Can compete globally and nationally in creating and develop a career.