Two Students from PBI UMY (2017) Presented ?their Paper in the 2nd UNNES Student Conference

October 22, 2019, oleh: superadmin

Academic culture has been one major aspect nurtured in English Language Education of UMY (PBI UMY).  To enrich their academic experience, Berliana Dyah Ayu Aprilianti and Sibakhul Milad Malik Hidayatulloh (2017) presented their papers in the 2nd UNNES Student Conference, organized by English Department of Semarang State University on Friday, 18th of October, 2019. Their paper, entitled “EFL Voices on online peer-feedback,” was presented before fellow students from all over Indonesia. Eighty-six (86) students from English Departments all over Indonesia took part in the conference. Seventy-six (76) of them presented their papers.

“In this conference, I get many new like-minded friends. I am happy because I get much new knowledge from them,” said Milad.
“Writing papers are so pleasing; we will not stop here. Hopefully we can write, publish and share our papers. And of course, we hope ours will be beneficial for others,” added Berli.
Employing qualitative design, they conducted in-depth interviews with six English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students. The results of their paper showed that the advantages of using online peer-feedback are increasing critical thinking, increasing the quality of students’ task and promoting students’ autonomous learning. Meanwhile, the drawback of using online peer-feedback is decreasing students’ focus. In making their research, a lecturer of PBI UMY, Puput Arfiandhani, M.A. supervised them.
Zulfa Shakiyya, Ph.D., the chairperson of the event said, “Hopefully, with this agenda, we can share the ideas and thought in education. Additionally, this is a chance for university students to show and express their ideas.”
Well-done, guys!