The lecturers of English Language Education Department of UMY Train Z Generation to Write Digital Stories

May 22, 2019, oleh: superadmin

Writing stories is a fun activity. Even for some people, these activities become a hobby. These activities can make a person channel his emotions and feelings, and become herself/himself. Plus, the advancement of technology makes it possible for digital stories to flourish in both printed and online media, and especially social media. This initiated two lecturers from the English Language Education Department at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Mariska Intan Sari, S.S., M.A. and Fitria Rahmawati, S.Pd., M.Hum. to hold digital storytelling training intended for students of SMA Muhammadiyah Kasihan, Bantul.

The training was conducted in two stages and with two learning modes, namely online learning and face-to-face meetings. Mariska explained that the online learning which discussed the materials and learning media used, namely narrative texts, digital storytelling, and Storybird, was conducted two (2) times before the face-to-face meetings. At the end of the online meetings, each student was expected to have written a narrative story which would then be developed into a digital story. The face-to-face meetings were carried out to introduce the digital storytelling platform used, storybird, and to utilize it to publish stories that have been made by students of the training participants. In carrying out the training, Mariska and Fitria involved four of their students.
April, the teacher of SMA Muhammadiyah Kasihan said that the training was a good idea to implement because it could explore the students’ potential in English writing skills. In addition, April added, through Digital Storytelling which uses websites such as Storybird, it can also indirectly motivate students in writing because the content inside is attractively supported with a variety of images and themes, so students are interested in finding stories and matching their stories with the appropriate pictures as the illustration (fitria/mariska).