Sulistiowati and Putri (2017) Placed Second in A National Scientific Writing Competition at Halu Oleo University

October 1, 2019, oleh: superadmin
Sulis and Putri, the 2nd Winner of English Expo (doc. Sulis & Putri)
From September 27th to 29th, two PBI students, Sulistiowati and Intio Saputri, joined a national writing competition as a part of English Expo held by Henglish Student Association, Halu Oleo University, South East Sulawesi. They became the 2nd winner of the competition. In this competition, Sulis and Putri were required to write a paper based on the theme provided by the committee. The theme of this competition was “The Optimalization of Technology Use in Education” and the topic that they wrote on was “Student’s Perception on Using Kahoot to enhance Students’ Knowledge in Higher Education Level”. There are several steps that they passed to bring their paper into final: writing the paper, sending the abstract to be selected by the adjudicator, sending the full paper after they passed the previous step, and the last, big 8 team will be invited to present their paper in Kendari. Before they sent the paper, they had to review it with their supervisor, Mariska Intan Sari, M.A. and adjusted it in accordance with paper guidance from the comittee and they faced a difficulty on this step because of time. “Although our time was so limited to write the paper and we did not have much time to review it with the supervisor, we tried to do our best for the paper,” Putri said.
Furthermore, Sulis and Putri adressed their message for their fellow friends at PBI UMY, Putri stated “never doubt and fear to try something new and be active to find the information about the competition, because even though we do not win a competition. There will be many benefits we will get from that, like friends, network, knowledge and many more. If we win the competition, it is just a bonus for our effort”.
Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D. noted, “We’re proud of students’ achievement, and hope that other students will be motivated to broaden their knowledge and joined more competition.”