Promoting Reading Habit among Millenials Through Kencan Baca

April 3, 2019, oleh: superadmin
Reading Date (doc. Berli, Hendra)
Wednesday(3/04/2019), an ‘Open Mic’ event for a program called by ‘Kencan Baca’ at Perpustakaan Masjid Gedhe Kauman, Yogyakarta was held. The program was initiated by Evi Puspitasari, M.Hum. and Maryam Sorohiti, S.S., M.HSc. The fact that many millenials generations’ reading habit seemed to be decreasing trigerred Evi and Maryam to initiate this program. This program was hoped to be able to encourage millenials to read more.
Collaborating with Perpustakaan Masjid Gedhe, 40 participants joined this program. Divided into 10 groups, they would go on a reading dating or every week. They then took a picture of them with their own booksand posted it on Instagram. Later, they were also required to tag the official accounst of @kencanbaca and @perpusmasjidgedhe.
Before the closing session, in the third week of the program which was held Gathering of Kencan Baca at TBM Ibnu Hajar, Salam, Magelang. The activities includes talk show with Ibu Ida, the owner of TBM Ibnu Hajar, then reading together with another groups, lunch, and fun games. In Open Mic the participant should present their review on books that they have read.
“Book is not merely a window of the world, but it also the door tothe world. The more doors that you have entered, the closer you are to become a world traveller,” said Evi as the initiator.