PBI Welcome the New Upcoming Students in Teachers-Parents Meeting

August 23, 2019, oleh: superadmin
Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D. introduced PBI UMY teaching staffs (doc. Didit)
Wednesday (22/08/2019), at Amphiteather Pasca Sarjana Building of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, PBI held teachers parents meeting to welcome batch 2019 students. The event started from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The event includes introducing PBI UMY teaching staffs and introducing PBI UMY academic culture.
Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D., the Head of English Language Education Department shared, “Between the lecturers and all of the guardians of the new students, we must work together to guide our children, our students to be always in the right way. We want the best for all students, so do about parents, they also want their children get the best. Therefore, we should work together to help our students suceed their academic life.” One of the cheering moments was when one of the parents asked the lecturers to be on time when making a schedule to meet lecturers and it was replied by Ms. Murtiningsih, saying that in PBI, the otherwise could happen. She further explained that in many cases our teaching staffs were on time and had friendly relations with the teachers.
The participants were enthusiasthic during the event. Many of them actively took part in the event by raising questions. Many of them came from various parts of Indonesia; from Palembang to Manokwari. They believe that PBI UMY is the right place for their children.
Once again, hold tight each other beacuse the ball is in your hand. Welcome to PBI UMY!