PBI UMY Students Learned about Real Classroom Assessment in Practice through A Guest Lecture

May 13, 2019, oleh: superadmin
One student, Muaz (2017) asked Laily A. Fajariyah, M.Pd. about educational system in Netherlands (doc. Bombom)
Language assessment and evaluation course is one of the compulsory courses which PBI UMY students should take in their 4th semester. In this course, students learn about the theory and principle of assessment and also how to design an assessment. To enhance students’ knowledge about assessment, a guest lecture on assessment and evaluation was held on May 11st, 2019 at Amphiteatre E7 of KH. Ibrahim Building. The aim of this guest lecture was to enhance students’ knowledge in real classroom assessment practice. This agenda is divided into 2 sessions; the first session was from 8 a.m – 10 a.m is for class A,B,C while second session at 10 a.m – 12 p.m is for class D, E, F. The keynote speaker of this lecture is Laily Amin Fajriyah, M.Pd., an English teacher for SMP N Panggang, Gunungkidul and a soon-to-be a doctoral student of Educational Reseach and Evaluation, Yogyakarta State University. Being a teacher inn a considerably suburban school does not discourage her from excelling in her field. Some of her achievements includes being the winner of national English teacher olympiad, the winner of Yogyakarta governor action research award, and a participant of Primary Teachers Short-Course in Netherland last March.
Laily A. Fajariyah discussed about the types of assessment, the example of assessment for 4 skill (listening, speaking, reading, writing), and how to make integrated skill assessment. Additionally, she also shared her creative alternative assessments for students, how to manage assessment, and rubrics for assessment. Besides talking about assessment, she also shared her experience when she was in Netherland to finish her short course. One of the insights that she shared was about the differences between educational system of Indonesia and Netherland.
As the lecturer of language assessment and evaluation and also the Dean of Language Faculty, Dr. Suryanto opened this lecture and deliver his speech. He conveyed that PBI student should maximize this opprtunity to learn as much as possible from Ms. Laily, because she is an expert in assessment field, in the end of his speech he added “if you wanna be the best, learn from the best”. Puput Arfiandhani, M.A., the lecturer of the course as well as the facilitator of this guest lecture also stated that she hoped this guest lecture will be able to enhance students’ understanding about assessment and evaluation. Furthermore, a PBI student, Dwi Rachmawati conveyed that the guest lecture improve her knowledge about how to develop assessment creatively, she also added “What I learn from this lecture is a great student come from competent and creative teacher. This is the impression that I get from seeing how English which was considered to be a difficult subject for many students doesn’t seem to be considered so in Ms. Laily’s class. Students seemed to enjoy their English class especially when they were practicing their speaking.”