PBI UMY Lecturers Introduce English through Audio Story Book for Visually-Impaired Students

April 20, 2019, oleh: superadmin

After its success in developing Audio Story Book (DISTRO BOOK) in 2018, two of English Language Education Department’s lecturers from UMY facilitated students from SLB Negeri 1 Bantul to learn English using the Distro Book. The audio book consists of six tracks of English-translated folktales and the have been recorded in audio files that are ready to be listened to by the students with visual impairment. This program was initiated seeing the fact that schools for special needs students usually transform their teaching materials or test items into braille forms. Consequently, it took tons of paper and costly.
DISTRO BOOK is brought up to provide effective and efficient English learning. Assisted by six students of the English Language Education Department of UMY, the two lecturers named Puthut Ardianto, S. Pd., M. Pd., and Maryam Sorohiti, S.S., M.H.Sc, conducted a two-day guide to learn English through audio story bookat SLB Negeri 1 Bantul, DIY. By applying ­Experience, Explore, and Enjoy technique, the students had a wonderful time experiencing a fun English learning. “After they experienced this activity, students are able to explore and listen to other stories, so eventually they can reach the state of enjoying the stories”, said Puthut as the chairperson of this community service program.

Whereas, Maryam stated that “the student’s enthusiasm in learning English is quite high. It was because the learning material was in a form of audio which contain some songs, so students were attracted”. One of the teachers in SLB N 1 Bantul, Abdul Adin, M. Pd., welcomed this program very well. In his speech, he expressed his sincere gratitude for the sympathy from UMY in accommodating the students with visual impairment to have the same opportunities to learn English (puthut/mariska).