Panji Nugroho (2017) Won The Gold Medal in 2nd Tapak Suci World Championship 2019

September 6, 2019, oleh: superadmin
Panji and his team mate, Won the Gold Medal (doc. Panji)
At 2nd – 5th September 2019, Tapak Suci World Championship was held in Solo, Central Java. 547 athletes from 14 countries, such as Aljazair, Timor Leste, Singapore, Egypt, Thailand, Pakistan, Uganda, Palestine and Indonesia joined the event. There were 18 sport categories and 16 art categories. One of the participant who was the representative of UMY, and a PBI student, was Panji Nugroho. Not only as a participant, Panji also became the 1st Winner of this Championship. He earned a gold medal in Men’s Hand-to-Hand double (art category) along with his team partner.
Becoming the winner of international event is not easy. Panji and his collagues should prepared their choreography for months, besides that they had to do routine exercise and make sure that they kept healthy until the championship. He said “actually it was not easy for us to be the winner of this big event, but because of the big support of the whole team of UKM Tapak Suci, we can achieved this achievement and made our university proud of us”
Panji has been in Tapak suci since he was in junior high school, and he continue his passion in university at UKM tapak suci and now he become the leader of UKM Tapak Suci of UMY. as the leader, he feel responsible to give his best for UKM and UMY. He stated “I decided to join this competition to show that Tapak Suci UMY can be in the 1st place whether it is nationally or internatonally and I hope our achievement can be good example and motivation for all of student in UMY, especially the next generation of Tapak Suci UMY. Panji also added “Everyone is special and they have their own talents. we can be the champion if we use and improve that talent appropriately, in the right community and right enviroment”.