Nurul Ismaniar (2017), a PBI UMY’s student and a futsal player won the third place in PORDA DIY.

October 18, 2019, oleh: superadmin

Breaking the stereotype that futsal is only for men, Nurul Ismaniar (Isma), a sophomore of PBI UMY, has proven that a woman can take part in this sport. Born in 1999 in Bangka Belitung, Isma joined the city of Yogyakarta team in Pekan Olahraga Daerah (PORDA) Yogyakarta from 7th until 13th of October 2019. Her Yogyakarta team successfully secured the third place in the prestigious competition. As the only team player from UMY, Isma was asked to change her residency status in order to be included in the City of Yogyakarta team.

Dos. isma
Doc. isma
Being one of the team players was not easy. Isma had to take several selection stages such as the physical training, techniques training and games training. Along with her, approximately 25 candidates joined the selection process; only 14 of them passed the tests. Then, she had to take three months of training.
There were four teams joined this event. Those were from Sleman, Bantul, and Gunung Kidul Regencies, and Yogyakarta Municipality. The first winner was from Sleman Regency, the second winner was from Gunung Kidul Regency, and the third winner was from Yogyakarta Municipality. Being the third winner was not easy. “I am so nervous because this is a big event, and this is also my last chance to join a competition like this,” said Isma.
Isma has successfully proven that women can also be able to do exercise like men. For Isma, playing football or any other sports is OK for everyone as long as it is a positive thing to do despite the gender stereotype.
Bravo, Isma!