Fostering Student’s Critical Thinking Through Deascussion: Workshop On Debate

October 16, 2019, oleh: superadmin

Critical thinking is the source of an innovative thought and one of the ways to have a critical thinking is debate. PBI UMY through ES-DC (English Language Education – Students debate club) held a Workshop On Debate on October 12, 2019 from 08.00 a.m – 15.00 p.m. It raised the theme “fostering critical thinking through debate”. This event was held in D building of UMY. The purpose of this workshop was to introduce debate extensively to the freshman and novice debater so it can enhance their motivation in debate. Thirteen participants from English Language Education department of UMY, Guna Bangsa University and LPP Polytechnic.
This event was divided into 3 sessions. In the first session, Zaka Ahmad (EDS UGM) talked about debate as a transformative teaching and learning method. He highlighted that debate can foster critical thinking which is an essential 21st century skill. In the second session, Masduki (ES-DC Coach) talked about debate technicality. In the third session, Ernest Nathan (3rd Best Speaker of National University Debating Championship (NUDC) 2019), talked about how to construct a good argument.
“When you do debate, you will also get smarter and be more critical. All processes within debate that you need to go through, such as case buildin and debating, require you to do extensive reading. Therefore, the worst risk of joining debate is you become smarter,” said Zaka Ahmad.
The chair of the workshop committee, Lucky, stated “this workshop is really beneficial for those who want to learn about how to do debate. We obtained a basic knowledge of debate and it can enhance our skill not only in debate but also our skill to deal with industry 4.0. He also added “I hope the participants of this workshop implied the knowledge that they got from this occasion whether it is in debate or solving the problem around them.”