Fadilatulmar’i (2015) Won the 3rd Place at National Pencak Silat Competition in Taiwan

July 2, 2019, oleh: superadmin

On June 9 2019 and June 9 2019, Fadilatulmar’i (2015) and Pencak Silat team of UMY joined a National Pencak Silat Competition at Taiwan Gynasium, Taiwan. The competition which was jointly held by Global Worker Organization, KDII Indonesian Trade and Economic Office, together with the association of Chinese Taipei Pencak Silat. Fadilatulmar’i who goes by Dila came as the 3rd winner of its National Pencak Silat Competition.
Dila mentioned that it was her first competition and along with her there were 8 participants. Approximately 150 participants from the all over Indonesia and Taiwan took part in the competition. The system in this competition was a knock out system. Dila shared, “I am so thankful to Allah from the things that I have got in that competition even though I only have one month to prepare anything. However, I have to make myself believe that I can do that, and finally I got the third place. I dedicated this to my parents, friends, and also to my beloved campus UMY”, said Dila. She hoped that student in PBI UMY never give up when joining competition and believe that we can do that things so we will get it.
Congratulations, Dilla!