Expanding Student’s Knowledge on Career Development through A Guest Lecture

May 21, 2019, oleh: superadmin
Meika Hazim talked about personal branding (doc. Rillo)
Reading and Writing for Career Development and Listening and Speaking for Career Developement are two compulsory courses that freshmen take in their 2nd term. In these courses, students learn about how to apply for a job and how to develop their career. To enhance student’s understanding about career development, both courses cojointly held a guest lecture themed English for Career Development. Two respected speakers were invided to the event. The speakers of this guest lecture was Meika Hazim, S.E., MBA, the founder of Coklat Ndalem and a lecturer of FPSB UII, and Fissilmi Hamida, M.Sc, a certified educational consultant for UK and Ireland and a UK alumni. The former spoke in the first session, which took place from 10 a.m until 12 o’clock. The latter spoke in the second session, which took place from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.. Both sessions were held in Amphiteather, 5th Floor, K.H. Ibrahim Building.
In the first session, Meika Hazim, who has a long list of CV, some of which include being a participant of Australia Award Short Course Program- food production, a SSEAYP the representative of Yogyakarta and a Diajeng Jogja (2005) talked about personal branding and job interview. Additionally, she talked about how to write a stunning CV, proper attitude during a job interview and social media branding. She also encouraged PBI UMY students to make the most out of their college life to expand their network and to be more wise in investing their time.
In the second session, Fissilmi Hamida, shared her knowledge and experiences on how to get a scholarship and write a personal statement. She also shared her experience, both failure and successes in scholarship interview. Her life experience during childhood has inspired many students to be grateful and determined to build their CV during their college life.
One participant, Rahma Widya Rahayu (2018), who joined this lecture said “This guest lecture helped a lot. We can start our preparation of our resume for the scholarship and job in the future.”
Puput Arfiandhani, one of the lecturers of the course remarked, “We hope that the guest lecture can inspire and bring students’ attention on how college is a precious time for them to start building their Cv, which will be meaningful future career investment.”