Call for New Debaters through PBI Milad Debate Competition

December 3, 2018, oleh: superadmin
PBI Milad Debate Competition (dok. Berli)
Sunday, December 2nd, 2018 at Ground Floor D Building has held semi final and final for Debate Milad PBI Competition. Previously for preliminary rounds has been held on November 18th at E1 Building. In the first competition, there are 10 teams who join the competition. Then, after did debate for 3 times of preliminary round for each team, it just 4 teams that can follow for the next round. They are B 2017, C 2017, E 2018 and A 2016.
For the semi final, the 4 teams are decided into 2 rooms. The first is B 2017 versus A 2016, and the second is C 2017 versus E 2018. And the result is B 2017 and C 2017 can continue the debate competition for final round. DEAS (Development of Education and Academic Sector) from EDSA as the committee who manage this competition has successfully held this debate competition. The purpose of this competition is for screen new debaters for being participant and represent PBI UMY in National English Education Debate that will held in 3rd – 5th January, 2019 at UMY.
The winner and also the best speaker of Debate Competition will be announced in Awarding Night on December 15th 2018 at Boga UMY. So, do not miss it! Come and take home the reward!