38 PBI UMY Students Graduated in UMY’s 3rd Graduation Ceremony

May 6, 2019, oleh: superadmin

On May 4th 2019, UMY held its 3th graduation ceremony for academic year of 2018/2019 in UMY Sportorium. This graduation ceremony for English Language Education Department was held from 1 p.m until 3 p.m. In this period, 1478 students graduated from UMY. Among this number, 38 were from PBI UMY. 38 graduates were from batch 2011 until batch 2015. Among them, 2 graduates were from batch 2011, 2 from batch 2012, 3 from batch 2013, 12 from batch 2014, and 17 from batch 2015. These graduates earned bachelor degree of education after completing 130 credits in at least 8 semesters. In the graduation ceremony, there are 16 graduate from PBI who receive the cumlaude title. The graduate who got the highest GPA was Hikmahtika Ramadhani Ohoirat (3.87), and the graduate with the shortest time of study was Heri Riskianto (3 years 4 months). Furthermore, the youngest graduates was Bella Asda Juasisba (20 y.o.) and the oldest graduate is Retna Rumayanti (26 y.o.)
UMY Rector, Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, MP., and Dr. Lalu Muhamad Iqbal, the ambassador of Indonesia to Turkey also attend this graduation ceremony. Dr. Ir. Gunawan said that when the graduate finish their study, it does not mean they last, but it is the beginning to dedicate their self into the society. When they finish their study, the chance to pursue to the higher level of education is very possible. Dr. Lalu Muhammad Iqbal also stated that as a graduate, they should not confine their self to only work and earning income, but they as a graduate also should have a dream and the idealism to face their future.
As the graduates who got the highest GPA, Hikmahtika Ramadhani Ohoirat stated that she did not expect to got that title, because she thought there were many of her friend who more capable and smart than her. For her effort she said “ I don’t set the target, I just do what I have to do with my best effort and I don’t put too much pressure on myself, so I just enjoy the process”. Hikmahtika also stated “ as a student we have to increase our curiosity, not only in the classroom, but also outside the classroom. Just join any organization or seminar to enhance our knowledge , so it will enhance our self quality.”
Congratulations for all fresh graduates. PBI UMY are proud of you and wish you success in your future endeavour.