260 Freshmen Joined Mataf PBI UMY

August 31, 2018, oleh: superadmin

Masa ta’aruf (Mataf) PBI UMY 2018 has successfully been organized by English Language Education Department Student Association (EDSA). The event was held on Wednesday, 29th August 2018 at the basement of E.7 KH. Ibrahim building. In the event, EDSA and the department officially welcome 260 freshmen of English Language Education Department. The event was also held to introduce the department and inform them about campus life.
The event started at 5 a.m. when the freshmen were asked to collect the prayer sets that they wanted at western wing of Sportorium. They then marched to the basement of E.7 KH. Ibrahim building at 7 a.m. After hearing Quran recitation, and singing national anthem of Indonesia and Muhammadiyah Hymne, the chairman of Mataf PBI, Rohmi Junaroh, welcome the audience. After that, the chief of EDSA, Wildan Kharisma, and the head of the department, Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D. also delivered their speech and opened the event formally. Then, the lecturers of the department were introduced one by one. Additionally, three shining alumni of the department, Nana Juliana, Nugroho Mukti Riyadi, and Rio Haryanto shared their experiences and achievement to the audiences. After that, there were some performances, such as debate, story telling, mini drama performance, and speech presented. The event finished at 5 p.m.
The chairman of Mataf PBI, Rohmi Junaroh, shared that she wished the freshmen took the most out of the event and were inspired and motivated to join various experiences that the department offers. Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D., the head of the department, shared her hope, “I hope that freshmen could do well in their academic life during their study here. But, more importantly, I hope that they can learn more about soft skills in life from joining competition and organization.”