To kick off the new semester, there are several information for PBI UMY students. The information that students should know are about the number of credits they need to take, the amount of tuition fee and the department agendas such as KKN and Bridging soft skill.

For the amount of tuition fee for 2018/2019 even semester is :

  1. Batch 2018 : Rp 7.705.000 *23 credits
  2. Batch 2017 : Rp 7.100.000 *23 credits
  3. Batch 2016 : Rp 4.695.000 *19 credits
  4. Batch 2015 : Rp 2.075.000 * 0 credits plus undergraduate thesis

PBI student can settle the payment at banks in AR B building or they can settle it in several banks across Indonesia. Students should pay it to the bank counter instead of ATM machine. When settling their payment, they need to mention their names, student number and university. They key-in for classes that they need to take can be done from January 7 to 26 2019.

The next information is about certain agendas such as bridging soft skill and KKN. For even semester 2018/2019, bridging soft skill will be held starting from February 11, 2019. For KKN agenda, if student batch 2016 have enrolled 110 credits (including the credits for next even semester), they suggest to enrol for KKN even though it will be held after this even semester.

For student who need remedial assessment, they can take it by March 30, 2019. Remedial and grade substitution requests after March 30, 2019 will not be possible anymore.