To facilitate students in self-development and softskills through non-curricular activities, EED UMY provides the following activities.

  1. Soft skill traininng integrated in the competence-based curriculum (KBK) adpoted by EED UMY into the classes from the first semester to the last.
  2. Basic Islamic Orientation Study (OSDI). This activity aims to give a basic understanding regarding Islam to new students.
  3. Islamic training (PAI). This activity is done to give further understanding regarding the Islamic teachings and how to perform various religious activities correctly
  4. Baitul Arqom (KIAI/ Kajian Intensif Al-Islam) is done between the first and second semester.
  5. A bridging activity is done in the middle of every semester as a part of the students’ character development. Bridging is done from semester 1 to 6. This activity is aimed to create and maintain students’ character from the early semesters.


Each bridging session has differing themes. The themes are outlined below:

  • semester 1- Achievement Motivation Training
  • semester 2 – Creativity
  • semester 3 – Learning Organization
  • semester 4 – Team Building
  • semester 5 – Communication Skills
  • semester 6 – Leadership