Outbound (doc. Noven)

Bridging course in odd semester 2018/2019 was held from 5th to 8th November, 2018 in Desa Wisata Kelor, Bangun Kerto, Turi, Sleman. Attended by 572 students who was the largest number of participants during the bridging course over the year has made this activity more festive. Moreover, PBI provided a different atmosphere for this course. In previous years students, stayed in the pavilion that had been provided, but this time students stayed at the homes of surrounding residents. By means of this different atmosphere, students can learn how to socialize with the surrounding community.

The series of events in the bridging course this time were materials delivery and outbound. The materials were different as it was adjusted to the level semester of students and the contents of the material related to students’ soft skills. There were many games in outbound session and the most interesting part was Bedog river tracking. The river was located in the middle of bark plantation and there are lot of boulders that became obstacles for students. With the same goal of reaching the destination safely, students help and take care of each other. Male students walkws behind female students to make sure their safety. Students walked along the river for 1.5 hours and during that time students ge¥ot many valuable lessons that they do not get in academic education. This was what made special bridging course for students.