PBI UMY Freshers’ Week

September 1, 2019 oleh : admin

Mataf PBI UMY 2019 (doc. EDSA)

Masa Ta’aruf (MATAF) of English Language Education Department 2019 which held by English Department Students Association (EDSA), comes with a different idea from the previous MATAF. This year, PBI UMY wants to combine reading activity and the development of technology by using smartphone. Wednesday, 28th of August 2019 at hall of 4th floor at Pasca Sarjana building, MATAF PBI has been successfully held. More and less 200 freshmen register themselves in this event and they were divided into 10 khafilah (group).

The agenda of mataf started at 06.30 a.m. Firstly they have to collect the prayer sets and their books. After hearing Quran recitation, and singing national anthem of Indonesia and Muhammadiyah Hymne, the chairman of Mataf PBI, Muhammad Fany Arynsa, welcome the audience. The head of the department, Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D. also delivered her speech. There is also an introduction for each lecturer of PBI UMY that delivered by Endro Dwi Hatmanto. In this agenda, EDSA got space to inform ‘what is EDSA?’ in EDSA Session which delivered by Sibakhul Milad as chief of EDSA 2019/2020.

Come to the main agenda, it was talk show from Mr. Waryono, the owner of Englishopedia, he shared about the importance of learning English and why English is so easy to be learned. Besides, in this mataf EDSA also invites two alumni who get Erasmus + scholarship, Ghazali and Haikal, they shared their experiences and how can they get that scholarship.

After that, each group should perform something like drama or musical drama, choir, and another performance based on what they have read. Toward this performances, there were awarding for some categories. And at the end of the agenda, all freshmen and committees held a colour fun.

Welcome to PBI UMY, all freshmen from all over Indonesia! (milad/berli/puput)